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April 02 2011

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Hi everyone :) I haven't been on in a couple days. I got an EIGHTY FIVE on my MATH test! YAY! I'm looking into getting a hedgehog or a rat :/ Ik, rats- ew. But they're super smart and are supposedly like miniature dogs!
Today in school we had a fire. Well not really, it was just melting plastic in the scan-tek room....
Mr. Pittman practically gave us a whole 3 minute speech about walking down the stairs and how it wasn't a drill. I mean, HELLLOOO- WE COULD HAVE DIED BY NOW!
ugh, teaacccherrss ;)
exeoxexoexoo <3 have a nice day

March 29 2011

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I freaking love this wombat. <3 <3
cool song? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhBYwEUqIss

<3 <3 <3 <3

And I see you with your smear of a smile.

You linger awhile,

with the abhorrence in your voice don't think I don't hear

I'm not oblivious to those words going into my ear.

Don't think I don't got eyes

cause I can see just fine

with those looks and the roll of your eyes

lots of people tell lies,

like the roll of a dice, I don't know what I'll get.

I don't know if I'll stay or if I'll fret.

Just don't think I don't notice, cause I notice just fine.

<3 <3

March 28 2011

//////// is actually,
        the   rapist. \\\\\\\\
From wittyprofiles

I dont wanna gooooo

Woke up, heading out for school soon -_- ew.

Baby kangaroo that happens to be very chihuahua like.

Anyone else agree that the Kangaroo looks like a chihuahua?? Btw click the green to get the picture :)

March 27 2011


Wombats..cute or creepy?

Click the << green title :)
pssshhh I do not have an obsession with Wombats (p.s nikki if your reading this, Wombats are a certain species of Unicorn ninjas that have evolved over a large time span to be named its own species!- I'm not insane...).....and.. its not like my sister calls people otters :x
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“the only time you will see Blaine Anderson between a girl’s legs.” :)

- puckerman.tumblr.com

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Sasha's iceskating party

  When Olivia and Madeline were chasing after The Really hOT guy, Madeline dived after him and Olivia fell back. <3 ohhh girllss xD I only fell once! It was b.c I was gliding on one foot (7 seconds).
-Wombats. Yes Wombats are pretty cool \
*xox Jackie*
Video Chatting with Niccolette! <3
The flight beneath your blades is like magic frozen over, unable to identify yet clear to your heart.
— anonymous
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Mar 28

Sasha's iceskating party

03:00 Ice rink Add this event to a calendar application
Where I am positive am going to fall flat on my face... again :/
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omg freaking hilarous. So right :D

March 26 2011

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Emma best ever scene in glee
Love this!!! <3
No, no, it's Chris.
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oh daaumm * _ *

I love mr. Shuester. He is the definite best- he has good judgment, can sing, dance.. and apparently nice abs ;)

Falling on the ice

Went iceskating with Kim!! I fell twice :( Im so discouraged
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On facebook.. should be doing homework! oh well ;)
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